PanEx brings the “Flavor of Hometown”
to giant pandas across the world.
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PanEx specializes in delivering the Sichuan Bamboo to the world for giant pandas, not only including the bamboo used by Sichuan captive giant pandas, but also the bamboo that wild giant pandas feel like eating. It’s PanEx’s mission to send the “Flavor of Hometown” to the giant pandas across the world.
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Bamboo Forests
Our Products
The bamboo and bamboo shoots species with original ecological high-quality usually grow on high mountains, over 1000 meters of altitude in Sichuan, Shaanxi and other surrounding provinces in China, including
-Bamboo species
  • Bashania fargesii E.G. Camus
  • Phyllostachys bissetii (McClure)
  • Pleioblastus amarus (Keng) keng
  • Fargesia robusta Yi,sp.nov
  • B.blumeana Schult.f
  • Indocalamus tessellatus (Munro) Keng f.
  • Fargesia denudata Yi
  • F.qinlingensis Yi et J.X.shao
  • Fargesia scabrida Yi
  • F.rufa Yi
  • Fargesia nitida (Mitford) Keng f.
  • Fargesia obliqua Yi
  • Chimonobambusa quadrangularis (Fenzi) Makino
  • Chimonobambusa szechuanensis (Rendle) Keng f.
  • Yushania niitakayamensis (Hayata) Keng f.
  • Phyllostachys heterocycla (Carr.) Mitford cv. Pubescens
  • Bashania fangiana (A. Camus) Keng f. et Wen, etc.
-Bamboo shoots species
  • Q>opienensis Hsueh et Yi
  • Bashania fargesii E.G.Camus
  • Pleioblastus amarus (Keng) keng
  • Phyllostachys bissetii (McClure)
  • B.blumeana Schult.f
  • Chimonobambusa neopurpurea Yi .
  • Chimonobambusa quadrangularis (Fenzi) Makino.
  • Phyllostachys praecox C. D. Chu et C. S. Chao 'Prevernalis'
  • Phyllostachys heterocycla (Carr.) Mitford cv. Pubescens, etc.
Our Customers
  • - Canada  Calgary Zoo
  • - Finland  Ã„htäri Zoo
  • - Belgium  Pairi Daiza
  • - Germany  Zoo Berlin
  • - Hongkong  Ocean Park
The Giant Panda Expert of Calgary Zoo in Canada: “The Giant Pandas are setting in to our new exhibit here at the zoo and a big reason they are setting in so well is that they are really enjoying the bamboo that we've been bringing from Sichuan (their hometown).”
The Giant Panda Keeper of ÄHTÄRI Zoo in Finland: “The bamboo was really fresh and moist when it arrived at the zoo and they ( the Giant Pandas) really liked to eat the bamboo from their hometown.”
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11F, Building B, Xingpu Center, 99 Zhenxing Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China